Hello!  My name is Glen (and this is Frida, my helper!), and I have been woodworking for about 20 years. About 10 years ago I got the idea to make a wooden soccer ball.  Little did I know the path this decision would set me on. 

After I figured out how to make a wooden soccer ball, and making dozens and dozens, the next challenge was to make one out of something "harder."  I figured marble or granite would be neat, and a good challenge as I'd never worked with either before.  Three years of planning, experimenting, building special tools and jigs, and more than one gluing disaster later, I'm happy to offer these items for sale.

I've never considered myself an "artist", but these marble soccer balls are as close as I've ever come to creating an 'object d' arte'.  I think they are truly beautiful, and hope you do as well. 


P.S.  Any questions, please contact me through the contact form or through email at [email protected]