Speachless:  That's the best way to describe my feeling when I unwrapped the marble soccer ball.  Followed by amazement, wonder, and appreciation.  Thanks so much, Glen. What a treat!  -  RB

I purchased one of the wooden soccer balls. The quality of Glen's work is exceptional! Craftsmanship is top notch and the ball looks amazing. A MUST HAVE for any player or coach!  -  JA

This beautifully crafted soccer ball brings elegance to sports decor.  The polished marble seamlessly fits together in the classic black and white soccer ball pattern.  The craftsmanship is gorgeous!  Any coach or soccer enthusiast would be thrilled to receive this piece of art.  -  HM

I purchased one of the wooden soccer balls as a graduation gift for my nephew as he was on the soccer team for many years and is an avid fan of the sport.  My nephew loved the gift and proudly displays it on his mantel.  Thanks Glen.  -  PK

I have been a fan of Glen's wooden art pieces including the soccer ball and chopping boards in the past. I recently purchased a marble soccer ball from Glen and me and my wife are in awe and feel proud of the addition of this marble art piece to the decor of our living room. It's a brilliant and artistic piece of art that stands out above the rest! -  DC

The Bianco marble soccer ball is an outstanding combination of art and craftsmanship.   It looks stunning on my kitchen island and complements the island perfectly!  -  JS